The Greatest Minivan Ever Produced

By Niel K.

The van has been the very definition of Ford Tough; the van has accumulated over 400000 miles and over five drivers but refuses to stay broken for a long period of time. However, of course every car has had its ups and downs but my van seemed to have less than the normal car. The main repairs that needed to be made over the years were ; the transmission being replaced twice and the heads had to be replaced once. Those repairs are unavoidable even after being driven for so many miles and are still not that bad of replacements. In the ManVan's prime status; it would commute about 70 miles every week day to and from the destinations with no problems. When I first received the car I was slightly embarrassed to drive it but as I drove it more I accumulated so many memories, laughs, and more respect for my car because it is possibly the greatest older minivan that has ever hit production.Even though I have this high respect for my car and for the Ford Motor Company, it is that time for a new car because it would have to once again commute about 60 miles a day once again while I go to college and would need something that also gets a lot better gas mileage to keep my wallet a little fuller. From my personal experiences and from what friends, family, and other proud Ford owners have said that they all loved their car and especially loved the low maintenance required and of course the availability of parts is a very nice perk for the American Company. With that praise said, if permitted, I would be honored to have my next car as a Ford once again but that depends on what I am able to purchase. Thank you Ford for your dedication to produce a product that can stand the sands of time and several teenage drivers.