Still Kicking

Bought this van slightly used in the early 90s with 6000 miles. It has been to Key West so many times Im pretty sure it could go by itself. I have worked for a Ford dealer since 1992 but in 2004 I started a little business and this was my primary vehicle. Then in 2010 after a year long illness I retired it{no not really just put it in the garage for a while. } Then about 6 months later after regaining my health I gave it to Donna, my Rhodesian Ridgeback. From then on if it moved she thought she should be in it. Now that Im back on my feet good I started driving it again from home to work every day, about 80 miles round trip. She now has 350,000 miles. Just had tires installed at my Ford Quicklane in Donelson Tennessee and I figure if I can make it another 150,000 miles to make half a million, she can too. So here we go now. Yes I have other newer Fords but this is my baby and I love her. Ill check back in when I get that half a million.