It Served Us Well

By Tim M.

My dad purchased a 1990 Ford Aerostar based on my driving a 1986 Aerostar and the satisfaction that it gave my wife and three kids. In December 1994 he passed away and as part of my inheritance I took possession of the van. It had on 25,000 miles on it at the time. Over the next 17 years we drove that van another 207,000 miles and each kid had their turn. They saw it as punishment, especially as it got rustier. Yes, we had transmission problems a couple of times, but it was always a great van to have. We hauled everything from refrigerators to washing machines and it was the main vehicle in hauling luggage for youth retreats each year for our church. We even used it as a bus for a vacation bible school one year. So many kids and stuff over all those years it was indeed a part of the family. But time took it toll and rust got to her, but that didn't keep me from still driving it. It finally ended up with our youngest son, Dylan, driving it back and forth to the University of Cincinnati. But this is where the story ends. Dylan was killed while driving back to school on Monday after spring break when a wheel from a semi going the opposite direction came off and struck the van and killing Dylan. What a shock! Not only my son taken, but my Aerostar as well. Sorrow upon sorrow! Thanks for a great van.
Pamela W 05/20/2013
Oh my goodness Ashley that was beautiful, I am glad I choose to read it!! Made me tear up!!
Adrian Sula 07/23/2011
Wow this is so sad! Im almost in tears and im a man mind you.. I know typical macho.. But I just want you to know that he is in heaven rejoicing and praising Jesus and worshiping God and just having the time of his life and one day you will meet again.. the flesh may be dead but the soul is eternal and he will 4ever be your son. Godbless you guys!
Ashley Morrison 07/21/2011
Beyond grateful to have that van gone! It's seen better days! Seeing as how the machanics wouldn't even put it on the lift due to all the rust! I just wish it didn't have to cost my brothers life to get rid of that van!