Buckin' Bronco

In November of 2009 i purchased a green 95 FORD Bronco for $1800. Little did i know that it was the best decision i have ever made! My father has owned 9 broncos over the years. He participated in local mud bogs every Saturday night with 40" Ground Hawg tires on his lifted 1980 blue bronco. The pictures of his bronco gave me the burning desire to have one of these beautiful vehicles as my own. Our family has always owned fords including an aerostar, bronco, econoline conversion van, expedition, 4 f-150s, a lincoln continental and now my 5spd BRONCO! When i purchased the bronco, it had a blown rear end, missing radio, cracked windshield, destroyed rotors and interior panels missing. i replaced all of the problems mentioned above in my garage in order to pass inspection. When i drove it for the first time my cheeks hurt when i got out from having the biggest grin! But after a few months i began drawing plans in my head for slight modifications. To start off, all new speakers and 2 subwoofers and i did body work in order for it to be repainted. My buddies and i went down to ocean citty MD to the CRUISIN' WEEK which was a blast! It was there that i found out that my 95 Bronco could do wheelies! more or less i could stomp on the gas and let of repetitively to where the suspension would load and unload to the point the the front tires would come off the ground about a foot! But when you beat your truck up like that there are consequences. In order over a few months the slave cylinder went out, lost 3rd and 4th gear in my transmision, then blew the rear out again! I replaced the trans with a zfs542 trans out of a f250 which was a great decision. Really low 1st gear which is great for off roading. Then i spaced out the bumper 2" in order to fit 33" interco bogger tires on the vintage style "Hurricane" rims. Then a cb radio and bucket seats (came stock with a bench seat that was worn out). Whether the bronco stays with me til the grave or not i will always remember Buckin' down coastal highway with the top off and every seat filled! FORD is my life! Never will i ever own a GM product! Thank you FORD for making memories!!! I know you'll be with me in the future
Dade Dooley 05/02/2011
i wanted a bronco but ended up buying 02 f150 supercrew the 8 inch lift on 33''s