A 1990 Aero Tar Above 600,00 Mileage

By Thea K.

When I was growing up me and my family never had much. I have two older brothers and two younger sisters life was pretty hard especially when we only had one car which is and still the Ford Aerostar. My dad took great care for it just like it was one of his own kids and he had it painted in so many colors which was embarrassing, every time he took us to school or pick us up from school people would stop and stare because it was an Aerostar with red, green, blue and gray color lining up all around. There would be times when people would stop me and be like aren't you that girl with the van I would answer yes with irritation their respond would be I love that car! its so different and i see it driving around town all the time I'd always wonder who owns it. Well lets just say from elementary i love that car but when it hit high school i began to hate it; with the attention i was getting either being made fun of or just compliments. When I got my license that was the car my parent gave me to drive around and I began to really appreciate it and stop caring what people think i understand that this car was here from the beginning of my child hood to my adult hood and its still running up to 600,000 miles on it. Amazing is it like i said before my dad took care of this car like its one of its own. I now love this car a lot and I'm not sure when the day comes when it will stop running I just wanted to share this story because through it all this car became part of my family and the amazement of its mileage on it shows that's it been there for me and my family.