The Car That Kept A Family

For many many years now I onw Lincolns (Towncar model), and I make a living driving people. Yes, I'm a driver of an Executive Transportation, some call it Limousine Service, but none of the vehicles is a strech.
I keep seeing TV commercials about Toyota with 192K miles, Saam with 210K miles, Honda with 200K miles, but never one person Lincoln going well beyond those numbers. How come? My Lincoln (a 2003 model Towncar has pass 383,000 miles, and it's runing and driving as a new one, all on original equipment. Well, I've changed a couple light bulbs and an axle (rear), but other than that all was regular maintenance -by the book- and belive me it's probably one of the hardest working car you'll hear: sometimes it's idleing for hours...
Basicaly this car, like those before it (Lincoln also) kept the family: it made the income to pay the mortggage, the hose bills, and so on. It also looks as it would be a couple month old too. I will try to attach a picture of it.
How come nobody talks about how strong those sedans are? I rolled one down a mountain about 7 years back (my bad: high speed and black ice), and after roling 4 1/2 times (31 foot down and 240 foot forward, the outside was unrecognisable but the inside was unscaved, my only injury was the skin peeled of my nose (my bad again: no seatbelt, but i learned the lesson). I just bought a another one, not new, slightly used this time around as money are tide this year, as to most of us, but I'm convinced it will worse every penny, and it will serve me at least as well as all Lincolns did for the last 20 years.
George Balaesh, Beaverton, OR.

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