Teenage Driving Program

I’m a driver and track safety specialist for Ford Motor Company. I love the physical connection and anticipation you get from driving. One of the most rewarding aspects of my job at Ford was recently bringing in participants from Life Direction and Vista Maria – two programs that help disadvantaged teens – and give them insight on Ford, engineering processes and driving-safety lessons. Ford is passionate about giving back to the community, and I’m lucky to be a part of that.
Mark Hockenberry 04/14/2010
Kevin makes you PROUD to be a VEV - Ford Employee, Great Job!
Rob S. 04/12/2010
Awesome Kevin! What a touching video. We are the Ford Family!
Shankar Narayanan 04/12/2010
I have the privilege of working with Kevin and he is a phenomenal person and great teacher. He embodies the Ford philosophy of community service and is passionate about teaching these kids...

Go Kevin !
Ray W. 04/12/2010
Wow, what a great piece. I have known Kevin for 15+ years, simply one of the most honorable people and true vehicle dynamics specialists Ford has! Vista Maria is a terrific program that I am glad to see receive Ford support and recognition, thanks Kevin!. This just shows what a great company can do even with the trying buisness climate :-)
Patrick Trainor 03/17/2010
I know about Life Directions and Vista Maria, they are both really great programs that go where the young people are and invite them into programs that can change their lives - really big on our young people becoming responsible for the direction of their own lives. With Ford, this makes a great partnership for Detroit.
Scott Kelly 03/16/2010
Thanks Jon. We love Detroit too!
Scott Kelly
Ford Digital Marketing
Deacon ( Jake ) Jakubowski 03/13/2010

Nice job! I see you are still enjoying teaching safe driving techniques. You are one of the very best instructors I had the pleasure to work with.

Jake (Retired Driver Instructor from MPG.)
Jon P. 03/11/2010
Speaking on behalf of local Detroiters not employed by Ford, this city is beaming with pride over the Ford Motor Company. You can feel the love in the air when you speak about the brand to your neighbor. Ford has persevered through this economic downturn and now once again provides a beacon of hope for the city. Programs like these are icing on the cake!
Wendy Hause 03/10/2010
Wow, I felt so good watching this video and reading the story. Kevin is right that we Ford folks LOVE doing things for others and are so fortunate to work for a company that encourages it. Good work! Ford rocks and I'm so proud!
Dailey B 03/10/2010
Nice work, and so important to be part of the community. Kids need this kind of help more than ever, and it's critical that corporations like Ford step up to the plate. It's a drop in the bucket for a huge company like Ford, but look at the huge change it makes for people's lives. Do more like this please -- it's great to see.
Mike 03/10/2010
This might seem a bit bias however, eventhough he's my brother- you too must be proud of his contribution to the youth of this country and dedication to safty. Thanks Kev for a great story- this one should be told over and over again.