Wolves, Hawaii & Stained Glass , Oh My!

Our journey began in Homer Alaska when I bought my 1994 Ford Explorer. I'm a stained glass artist, mom and wolf whisperer. We moved to Beulah Colorado, a very small mountain town arriving like the Beverly Hillbillies. We had pulled our Jaguar behind us on an auto transport, camping along the way. The back window of the Explorer had imploded from a rock ricocheting on the AlCan Highway. Repairing the rear window with a card board box and a $20 partial role of duct tape from a truck stop. We continued on our 4,000 mile journey. My daughters & I have hauled stained glass windows, our 2 North American Grey Wolves Shadow & Rio, other assorted critters including our crow named Jade. We have traveled to every coast in North America pulling a trailer filled with stained glass windows for Renaissance Festivals. In 2005 I moved to the 'Big Island' of Hawaii with Shadow & Rio. At 305,000 the original transmission was rebuilt. December 28 ,2007 my daughter Sassafras, Shadow & I drove to the top of Mauna Kea. It's a 13,796 ft Volcano and the highest point in the Pacific Ocean. Home to the Internationally famous Keck Observatory. It snows there and is incredibly beautiful looking out across the blue ocean. Sunsets are spectacular viewed from this incredibly beautiful place on our planet. Shadow was especially happy to play in the snow that day. I'm now on the Island of Oahu with my Explorer still going strong at 380,000 miles. It looks like we are headed back to the Big Island for a large stained glass estate job that will last for the next year. People are always amazed that I keep shipping the Explorer to my next destination. What can I say it's a great, reliable sports ulility vehicle! When I complete the Big Island job I'm moving to California. With my Ford Explorer! 
With Aloha,
Siobhan Wisdom