Wedding Day With My New Explorer

By Don M.

I had been driving another SUV for about 10 years and had always wanted an Explorer. The other part of this story is I'm a professional wedding photographer. I could never understand how couples could drive away from there beautiful wedding in a old car. It occurred to me the week of my wedding in 2001 that it would be great if I had a new car, a new Explorer! The day of our rehearsal dinner, we were at the local Ford dealer choosing between a red or white Explorer. I was leaning more toward the white one. My wife chose the Red Explorer XLT. An hour later, we drove our new car to our dinner party. The next day, after the wedding, my photographer captured us with our new SUV at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, across the street from our reception. We proudly hang that image from our wedding day with our new Explorer in our home. I sold that sweet thing ( the car, not my wife) 2 years ago, and replaced it with a purchase from Freedom Ford in Norfolk; a new 2010 Eddie Bauer Explorer, in white this time! We were engaged on Valentines Day 2001, and married on August 24, 2001. I'm more in love with my wife than the day I married her, and I can say the same thing about my Explorer. I love looking out the window at it, and I sure do love driving it. Ford rocks!
Donald Law 02/22/2012
RED is always HOT and that is why when there was a queston on the color and the wife to be wanted RED it was picked since in that time frame he was HOT and wanted the right pick of color to make sure he received the right service that night. HOT