We Love Our Explorer

My 10 year old son and I were in our 2003 Ford Explorer XLT backing out of a head in parking spot. I looked in my rear view mirror, over my left shoulder and saw nobody was coming. I started to back out slowly looking in my rear view mirror. The next thing I knew, my son and I were thrown forward. A woman in a Volkswagon Beetle had hit us in our back bumper, square in the middle of the bumper. Her airbags had gone off and the front driver's side fender was crushed. She said she thought she could go around me. She must have been going 25 -30 miles an hour for her airbags to go off. My son and I were very lucky. Just the Explorer's bumper is a little damaged. Thanks Ford for keeping my son and I safe. We will continue to buy more Ford Vehicles in the future. Actually, our next car is going to be an Explorer.
Sam G. 01/02/2010
Wow. The Explorer looks like it has no damage. While the Volkswagon will cost like $4000 dollars to replace everything including the airbags.