We Have Reached 300 Thousand Miles

My husband Willie call his 97 Ford Explorer Black Beauty. He bought her in July of 1998 and she had 48 thousand miles on her. We have traveled many states over the years and put alot of city miles on her. She has been dependable, loyal, his work buddy and a big part of our family. Willie owns a remodeling company and Black Beauty has had to carry alot of supplies over the years. She has also had to serve as the carpool car, and a moving van. It is now time that we start looking into another and we have our eye on another ford. We would like to take you for a great dependable, loyal car that has kept my family movin Ford Tough.
Daryl Payne 03/03/2012
D Payne Columbus,OH I purchased a Ford Ranger in Oct 1997,with 41,000 miles, and to this day i have over 357,000 miles. I will never buy any other truck, unless it's BUILT FORD TUFF!
Randy Wickman 01/13/2011
My '97 AWD 302 Explorer currently has 233,000 miles on it. Never had any major repairs and is one of my all time favorites!
CHARLES 04/18/2010
hi might that feista be a german 1.6 eng and did you run syn. oil ? thanx
Paul 04/16/2010
I just purchased my 10th Ford product (some new, and some used), a used 2008 Escape with 100,000 miles on it. It is a great vehicle, drives like a new one; better than some new cars I have had. I hope to see 200,000miles on it.
Michele 04/13/2010
I too own a Ford Explorer. We bought ours used. It is a 96 and has 162,000 miles on it! It has been perfect for our family. Just a few minor things have needed to be repaired, but it is still going strong! I really want a new Explorer, with all the cool features, but this one has been so good to me, it would be hard to part with it. ~Forever a Ford Girl~
bill whitson 04/11/2010
I work for a manhiem auto auction. we have a ford 11 passenger van with over 400,000 miles on it . It still runs and drives great and the body is solid. other than spark plugs and an egr valve it has been trouble free. The last 150,000 miles it was used to tow reposesed vehicles for long distances. It is amazing that it is still going.
Bill whitson
Raul 03/31/2010
Im not suprised my family owns a construction company and all we own are Ford's with one truck in perticular it is a 1999 f-350 with 260,000 miles it will still pull a 10,000 lbs trailer. And it is equipted with the 5.4 v8.
BOB LONGMATE 03/31/2010
RUNS AS NEW – * The proud owner of arguably the highest miled, highest mileage car in the world: 451,126 ongoing miles; 43+ miles/gallon. “Original” motor; carburetor; AC compressor – NO REBUILDS.

ECO drive anyone ? I drive for Economy, Ecology - 100 miles per day !

Sandee 03/31/2010
Wow - and I thought 222,500 miles on my 2002 Ford Explorer was good! I am the original owner, and if my husband sees this article I will be lucky to ever get a new Ford! This is my 2nd Explorer, my 1st was a 1992 and had 184,000 miles when we sold it. Proud to be a Ford owner!