We All Walked Away

My husband, 5 kids and myself were five minutes from home, we had just left to go on vacation. Our children ages are 11.5-4. We were hit head on by a car that jumped the median and was airborne in a 55 MPH zone. We were at 55 or close to it in the right hand lane. We had no time to react. We were knocked down a hill 30-40 feet and into a ravine, we were caught by a bed of river reeds. ALL of us had only minor injuries. The Air bags seemed to come out like clouds and cradle all of us. The officers on the scene do not know HOW IN THE WORLD we did not roll down that embankment, but we didn't. I thank God that we rented that vehicle for our vacation. Had we been in our Chevy conversion van, the outcome surely would have been much worse for us. If I had the money, I would buy that vehicle not only for us, but for every person that I love. Ford Motor Company, the 2011 Explorer has passed my crash test...sign me up!!! I have NEVER been a Ford fan, but I am forever indebted to God for the injenuity in that vehicle. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Molly Cook, Ford fan for life.