Wanting To Help: 18 Wheeler Stuck On Christmas Eve. 175k V6 Explorer Tried To Help.

I was on the to my Parents house in Minneapolis for Christmas brunch on december 24th 2010. It was odd weather for December in Minneapolis that year, instead of snow we just had a rainy ice storm. Trees everywhere were totally crystalized with ice. Less than a mile from their house I came up on a traffic jam. A semi was blocking the way on a side street. He was stuck on a hill, spining his wheels on the ice. The semi truck was backing down, trying again and again. It looked like he was going to be there a while. Cars were slowly filtering by the semi, I finally made it around and kept going.. I wished I could help. I always have a tow strap in the back but I didn't think it would do any good. Feeling the holdiay spirit I decided to at least try so I turned around at the next street. I planned to ask the driver if he thought my Explorer would be able to do it then go from there. I parked next to him and walked up to the truck. I felt a little silly, lots of vehicles including much bigger trucks were streaming by, everyone was watching. It seemed like a real long shot. I asked the driver if he thought my Explorer would be able to do it, "maybe, it cant hurt to try". He seemed happy that I was willing. He jumped out and helped me hook up. With my long yellow strap doubled over, the front of the 18 wheeler was now securely attached to the safety chain loops on my hitch. People continued to watch as they slowly rolled by. It looked rediculous, like a Ford commercial or something. We got back in our trucks. I waited a bit to make sure he was ready and inched forward to tighten the tow strap. With the fear of failure in my head and what I assumed were doubting eyes watching from all the vehicles going by I gently hit the gas. All my wheels were spinning, slushy show was flying..... and we starting inching forward!!! I was really freaking excited and proud. I kept on the gas until we were completely to the top of the hill. It actually worked!! I had to document it, as we stopped so I grabbed my phone and got this short video. I really do love that truck. It now has 283,000 miles on it.