Unbelievible Ford Explorer

To start out, I was never a hugh fan of Ford, but that has all been changed. My first car was a Honda Accord that I drove while in high school through college. I was sold on their dependiblity and planned to buy another till the love bug bit me. My wife wanted something different that would better suite our needs. Needless to say, the wife gets what she wants. She had been looking at a Ford Explorer in her hometown and was sold on the style and color of the vehicle. We purchased the Explorer in 1996 it was used but in perfect shape and very low mileage. It was her car and every now and then I was allowed the privilge to drive it. Eventiculy it became mine. Since we purchased our Ford Explorer we have bought three other vehicles, all her's. I'm finalily starting to look for my new Ford, but only after 365,000 miles. It is so hard to even think of letting our Explorer go after so many faithful years. The dependiblity has been second to none. We have kept up with basic maintenance, and replaced a few parts over the years(water pump, alternator, and fuel pump). The problem I'm now stuck with is whether to buy the Ford Fusion or the Edge. Well the other have is pushing for the Edge. Thanks for such great vehicles.