Triple Roll

As I was on my way to an appointment, I had drifted towards the center line and over corrected. There was virtually no shoulder and a 3 feet deep ditch right beside of the road. My tires slipped off of the road and the next thing I knew my car was heading for a wall of the ditch. I made one last effort to regain control of the car and get back on the road, but it didn't work and I knew that I was going to flip. I let go of the wheel and took my feet away from the pedals and covered my head and face with my arms. As I started to flip, I saw both the traction control and roll stability features kick on and try to stop it from happening. Unfortunately, it was too late and I began the first of 3 flips. Immediately, the side curtain airbags deployed and my seatbelt locked down. When I finally landed in a cow pasture, my only injuries were a cut on my wrist and some soreness from bruises. I went to the e.r. for x-rays just to make sure, but nothing was broken. The safety glass in the windows did their job and the new design of the inner door handles cushioned my hip and knees to prevent serious injury. When all was said and done, the car was totaled, the rear axle broken, and part of the driver's side had to be cut off to allow the emergency workers to remove me from the car on a back board. Without the safety features that were included on my Explorer, I certainly would have suffered serious, if not fatal, injuries. Thank you to Ford and the engineers who designed these features and I will look for these safety features when I replace my car with another Ford Explorer. I know the safety features often increase the price of the vehicle, but after this experience there is no price too great compared to your and your family's safety.
Sam G. 04/01/2010
WOW!!!! Now i know my mom will be even safer then i thought in her 2010 Explorer Limited.
Gregory M. 04/01/2010
Thank God and the Ford team.
Amazing with all that terrible damage you didn't get seriously hurt or worse.
Ford Rocks.