Treacherous Mountain Road Excitment

Good morning and love my 2006 White Exployer. This past weekend we took off on a long extended weekend to head to the beautiful North Georgia Blue Ridge Mountains. We had a great house with a fantasic view and lots of family. What could have truned into a horrible accident or deadly disater---but didn't was that I had a blow out on the the most horrendous dirt road coming up the mountain with my grandchildren and mother. I thought was just the road until my gages came on and said low tire pressure. My Exployer handled so well that I didn't realize I had such a problem and could have been in serious danger. When I got to the top of the road to our house and got out, I had the nicest hole in my passenger back rear tire. I was so glad to see that I had a nice spare tire to change(my husband and 2 son -in laws did) and was able to get back down off that mountain safe and sound. I take good care of my 2006 Exployer and she takes good care of me.Thanks, Sue Richards