To The Moon And Beyond!

I'm sure Ford get emails all the time about how good your cars/trucks are, and this is one of those letters. Dusty is a 14 year old Explorer that now has 241,000 miles on him. I wanted to let you know Dusty and I had successfully driven the distance from Earth to the Moon. We have logged a lot of miles together! Dusty got his name from my kids. We lived in AZ, spent a lot of time going to the mountains, out into the desert, so he was always dusty!

Dusty has been to Canada, the Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific Ocean, spent 5 yrs in AZ, almost 6 yrs in LA, 3 yrs in MI/MO. My kids can only remember bringing home the family Christmas tree in Dusty, he has drien in more than 2 ft of snow, 125 plus degree desert, he has forded streams, rivers, flood waters and all points in between.

In all these years I have used Motorcraft parts for oil changes( every 3000 miles), tune ups, etc. I have had to have the transfer case replace around 90,000 miles, a wiper motor on the rear window, the transmission was rebuilt around 189,000 miles and just last week a new master brake cylinder and a AC blower motor. Yes, Dusty has seen his share of brakes, tires, shocks, wiper blades, front windows, belts, plugs, filters, and a few bulbs.

I love the Explorer, and have since I got my first one in 1994. I put 117,000 plus miles on it and sold it to my neighbor in MI and got Dusty. I am proud of my Ford, and the fact it has no rust, the AC still blows cold (only one charge about two yrs ago), the heater works great, the four wheel drive works great, it always starts on a cold morning, and I average about 17 MPG around town! Thank you for reading and for truly making a dependable vehicle. I must add that I run a small college campus and Dusty ends up jumping all the dead batteries that my student have these pass 6 yrs!

I get asked a lot if I'm still driving Dusty as he has become well known, and because I am proud of my original old, well traveled "space" vehicle.

Again thank you for reading and please keep building dependable vehicles for those of us WHO really get their use out of their trucks.

Him armor is worn, and has some dings, but he still looks great!
Jerry D 05/23/2013
Dusty has also survived two weakened hurricanes (Ike and Gustavo), several sand storms, blizzarrds, hail, ice storms, and most recently a tornado! A truly one Tough Ford Truck!