The Ring Bearer

This photo still sits on a shelf in a frame 10 plus years later. It was the only day in my life where I can say I owned 2 "Stangs". The 1985 GT was to be sold that day to pay for the 1993 Notchback. The coupe lasted 2 years until something or I should say someone better came along. My wife to be. I sold the Reef Blue Notch to purchase an engagement ring and now 11 years later our marriage is stronger than a 5.0 motor. Since the Mustang days past I've owned all Fords since, a Focus ZX3 and ZXW, an Explorer, and currently a 2006 Fusion with 105,000 miles on it. My goal someday is to have a Mustang once again...maybe when the kids are off to college or maybe when their done with college and can afford to buy daddy a nice toy. The 2014 Mustang 50th Anniversary sounds like a good second wind...The stang will be 50 and God willing I'll be 40!