Thank You For Making A Great Car !!!

By Mary C.

On September 12, 2012 my life as I knew it changed forever. My husband, a decorated marine veteran, had 2 massive strokes due to his service connection. Our lives became consumed with cardiologists, neurologists, speech, physical, recreational and occupational therapists and constant driving to 7 different hospitals/rehabs as he was moved and each of them were at least an hour away. Eight long months later he came home.
I was broke, depressed and overwhelmed and decided I should try to find 5 things every day that I was thankful for. This was a harder task than you can imagine as my life had fallen apart. Recently when I looked back in my gratitude journal, I noticed an entry that kept repeating itself day after day: "I am so thankful for my car running well".  See, I own a 1996 Ford Explorer with 216,000 miles on it!!! And with the amount of driving to and fro to hospitals I was racking up even more miles!
I started thinking about all the men & women that stood in a Ford factory making my vehicle and wondered how often anyone thanked them for doing a great job? This letter is to say a big Thank You to all of them! I could not count on much this past year but I could count on my old reliable Ford to get me home safely. Thank you for making a great car and helping me get through a very rough year! With much gratitude. PS. If this could possibly be posted in employee lunch rooms to let your employees know that what they are doing is worthwhile it would be appreciated.
Ford Social 06/11/2014
Thanks for writing in and taking the time to share your story with us, Mary. We’re happy to hear your husband is now home safe and to pass along your letter.

The men and women at Chicago Assembly will definitely appreciate your gratitude and will be glad to know the Explorer they built has helped get you through such a difficult time.

- Social.Ford