Strong And Safe

I got my 2003 Explorer 'Eddie' as a high school graduation gift. First and only car I've had so far. Seven and a half years later and 120,000 miles later, on a day as normal as any other, I was driving to school on the highway when a ladder fell off of the truck directly in front of me. I swerved to the left to avoid hitting it and nearly lost control several times and spun out toward the median. During this course to the median, a BMW convertible hit the rear bumper of my car, tearing it up along with the entire side of the BMW. His airbag deployed and passenger window shattered. I slammed on the brakes before I hit the median and got only a few scratches on my front bumper. I walked away with only soreness the next day, nothing more. I still can't believe nothing more devastating happened. The stability and control of my Explorer kept me upright. The brakes and steering prevented a bigger crash. The strength of its frame minimized the damage. Everyone involved in the crash was ok, but 'Eddie' definitely protected me, and I was able to drive him away that day. Now I'm in the process of getting an equally safe and reliable 2010 Ford Edge. I plan to name him 'Edgy.'