Still Loving My Ford From High School

How many 29 year olds are still driving and loving their car from high school?

I got my first car when I turned 17, a white 2001 Ford Explorer Sport affectionately named Luckie. Luckie took me to high school football games, my graduation, and across the country to college. I’ve taken Luckie everywhere with me, “she” has certainly endured “her” fair share having a young driver as “her” owner but Luckie has never minded. 12+ years later Luckie has taken me to friend’s baby showers, weddings, and back and forth across the country several times for new jobs. "She" has helped me move more times than any of my friends have. The most surprising thing is that Luckie doesn’t break down, and I’m sorry to say I’m not the best at taking care of “her”. I have definitely taken “her” for granted. Luckie has never left me standing on the side of the road waiting for aaa, or failed to get me where I’ve wanted to go.

I am the only person that I know that still has the same car they were driving in highschool and I'm very proud of it. The decision to not get a new car hasn't been due to salary, but because of the mentality "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". I’m starting to look for a new car, because of Luckie's age, and I have looked at other car manufacturers (I live in a sea of luxury car owners in Los Angeles), but hearing about breakdowns and maintenance costs has turned me off. I’m a busy lady, I can’t wait around for my car to be constantly in the shop/ER. I am going to go with a new 2014 Ford Escape, because I want another Luckie. Luckie has been like the all American best friend, sticking with me through the good and the bad, never getting fussy with me even when "she" probably should have, and always making sure "she’s" up for the ride.

I'm really excited for my new Ford, the styling and features have come along way. Can't wait to start my new chapter with Ford.
Ford Social 06/11/2014
Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for sharing your story. "Luckie" sounds like an awesome and reliable friend. May you have many new fun adventures with your new Ford! - Ford Social Moderation Team
Ethan 05/29/2014
I have a 2001 Explorer Sport, too. It was my first car in high school, as well. 223,000 miles and still running strong! Like you said, it has never left me stranded to this day. When I do need to purchase a new car in the future, I will buy a Ford!