She's My Family Time Capsule

Our '93 Explorer was our 'biggest buy ever' when we purchased it in '96 with 60,000 miles on it. Nine months later we had our first child. We have come home from new house closings, back surgeries, third jobs, bankruptcy hearings, interviews, baby deliveries, and first days in school, all in "that car". She has moved us four times across 2,200 miles, taken us to family reunions in the northern Rockies, and acted as budget motel on the Oregon Coast highway. She has had bottles, sippee cups, pop cans and coffee mugs spill formula, apple juice, Pepsi, and lattes in her carpets. We've done homework in her, practiced math and spelling, talked of future dreams, and shared tears along this road trip. And now our oldest daughter, just learning to drive, got to take her first sunset drive on the back country roads of Texas as the odometer passed 250,000 miles. And we got to argue over who gets to use the car when the next two kiddos join the family and we need more seatbelts. She is sure that the car was bought for her, but the little sisters will have none of it. They want to have their shot at learning behind the same wheel that took them home from the hospital, too. It has carried us this far, and no dobut will keep on.
Jus A 05/18/2013
Nice story congratulations! 250,000 is impressive. My old Camry 98 died at 160K, so much for superior Japanese built cars - GO FORD!!!!
I can relate to your story! My "Freddie" Ford Explorer has seen the family, shopping, appointments and "lumber-duty" as well!! :)