My Ford Saved My Life.

My Ford saved my life. While driving home from college on a rainy october night my ford explorer went into a spin in the Delaware Water Gap. I had pulled into the right hand lane in order to slow down to see better when my tires lost traction. I spun into the guardrail, across route 80 into the median where a pick up truck clipped the front of me and an eighteen wheeler, going 55 mph, crushed the back of my truck . I walked away without a single injury. Everyone involved was surprised that I walked away without a single scratch. I will forever be thankful to Ford for the protection they provided and from this day on only drive a Ford.
Larry DeCristofaro 09/22/2011
Yesterday i was on the highway going 65 and was hit by a tractor trailer in my f-350 the driver threw my across the break down lane and into the guard rail not only did the driver leave me there to die but i walked out of my truck unscratched and was able to drive the bad boy home!
Matthew Banville 05/20/2010
Ma'am, I recently had a wreck with my 2002 Ford F-250 that should have put me in the grave. Fortunately, Ford designs a vehicle that's both functional and safe. I too owe my life and livelihood to Ford Motor Company.

Matthew L. Banville