My Ford Explorer's High Mileage Life!

I just found out about this site and wanted to share with you the awesomeness that is my Ford Explorer. With a ford you really can only purchase one car your entire life and have it give you endless satisfaction. My Ford is a 1995 Explorer and I am on my way to half a million miles. I just reached 451,655 miles as I write this and can't wait to get to 500,000. I am going to try to plan it on a great trip so I have an awesome story to tell when I get to that milestone.
Larry R 10/05/2014
I have a 2006 Ford Explorer with 226,000 miles on it. 
frank 08/20/2014
i have a 2000 ford explorer xls with almost 135000 miles on it and it still run good
Sheik 06/05/2014
I bought Ford Explorer 1999 with 230000 Miles on it, I was feared initial how this going to be, But now I crossed 250K miles I was amazing with engine performance, So solid on longdrive. Great suv. 
Geri 04/13/2014
I have a 1999 Explorer with 210k that drove throughout California, N Carolina, Virginia and the surrounding States up to Canada and throughout the countries of Jordan and Israel.
Fred Psimas 09/17/2013
I just turned over 300,000 miles on my 1998 Mountaineer and 254000 on my 2002 Exdplorer xlt.
Louise 08/31/2012
I just bought a 2003 Ford Explorer with 269,000 miles on it! Really well maintained, no major issues to deal with. Drives like a dream. My first vehicle purchase in over 25 years. It was great deal and so far i absolutely love it! I have so glad to hear about other really high mileage explorers.
Brenda Engle 04/13/2012
I just posted on My Tough Ford Truck...I should have posted here!! My 2000 Ford Explorer Sport has 388000 miles on it. I have very little money sunk into it other then maintenance type work. I'm pushing for the 400,000 and then 500,000.... I'm happy to hear my wish can be a reality....thanks and good luck!!
Nancy Spain 02/20/2012
Congrats! I have a 96 Ford Explorer that my hubby and I bought brand new and it has over 200,000 miles. My hubby has a 1990 F-150 that he bought brand new and it has 282,157 miles with the original rear brakes!
Matthew Thompson 02/15/2012
Thanks Luis. I just turned over another thousand trailering 2 horses around Oregon for some scouting and trial riding around some of my favorite hunting spots. The truck works harder than I do and always seems start right up when I need it. You should try to pick up another truck when you can and really see how far it can take you. It is incredibly satisfying watching the odometer effortlessly click over miles as I roll down the road.
Luis Lujan 02/10/2012
This is amazing!! I would love to buy a Ford, brand new, and just keep it forever. I had a 2007 F-150 which I bought new; it had 185 miles on it, and I documented every milestone until the economy made me give it up. Congratulations on maintaining your Explorer, and I hope you reach far beyond 500,000.