My Familys Survival

We had our 2003 Explorer for 2 years and it was the best 2 years. This vehicle made it through some tuff times. Needless to say on Novemeber 12, 2003 we were involved in a rollover. I know this sounds awful and lord knows it was awful but my family and I are still here to this day because of our Explorer. We rolled down a 60 ft embankment and we came out with 2 broken legs and a dislocated shoulder. All i really want people to know is that Ford made an exceptional product. My jusband is a fireman and one of his coworkers went and got our stuff out of the explorer and told everybody he has seen less damage to a vehicle and people lose their lives. So once again THANK YOU FORD I WILL BE A LIFELONG FAN. When we can purchase another explorer we will be.
Justen Thompson 03/04/2011
buying a ford is a no-brainer. im glad your family is safe!!