My Dream Car

my love story started back when they released the 2000 model Explorer Sport i was fresh out of high school and was driving past the ford dealership and there it was sitting on the front line it was burgundy and it was beautiful i stopped in to check it out and it was love at first sight just the way that it was made i knew that I had to have one. unfortunately my parents wouldn't help me buy it. it took me ten years to find one that i really loved but in June of 2010 I was having tranny issues with a GMC that I had and i went to the local used car dealership and they had one of those metal things you drive the car up on. sitting atop of this structure was the most beautiful truck i had ever seen. it was a blue 1999 Explorer Sport had all the bells and whistles. i feel in love with it and even though they wanted alot more than i wanted to pay for a new car I bought it anyways I have owned it almost 2 years now and just getting behind the wheel of this truck males me so happy. If something ever happens to my Explorer I will definitely be buying another one.
Nicole S 06/05/2012
I am on my second Explorer! I test drove many other vehicles after losing the first, and none compared with the styling, strength, safety or capacity as the Explorer. I had to have another!! I am hooked!!
Frank 05/23/2012
This guy sounds like me with his level of passion for the Explorer. I have been fortunate to own one since my parents passed theirs down to me. Been on the family for 13 years now; 7 years and over 100k miles of which I had the pleasure to driving all my own. This is one truck I hope to pass onto my children for their first car too!
Miguel 05/23/2012
Lovely story and I know it is true, I drive a F150 and a Sport Trac before.
Ford is the maximum.