My Aluminum Box Of Safety

By Lars M.

On 2/18/14 I was driving home from work on a major freeway in Tempe, AZ. Traffice was stop and go, and as I was slowing for another stop I looked in my rear view mirror and noticed the driver behind me was not paying attention and was not going to stop.  Before I could do anything I was hit from behind and was pushed into the lane next to me where I was slammed by a metro bus traveling at about 50mph.  The impact from the bus spun me around into the car that was originally in front of me.  In total, I was hit by three different vehicles.  As soon as my Explorer came to a stop it had dialed 911 and I was already speaking with a dispatcher before I knew what had really happened.  The interior of my Explorer didn't look so bad, and I was not seriously injured so I didn't think it was a bad wreck.  I had to crawl out the rear passenger door to get out and when I walked around my car to see the damage I was amazed.  The impact from the two cars and the bus had completely destroyed and totaled my car.  Everyone I show the pictures of the car to are amazed I am even alive.  I was and am very thankful that I was driving that vehicle.  My Ford Explorer Limited saved my life, and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a classy, alluminum box of safety to drive!