My 300,000 Mile Story

In 2001 I bought a gently used 1995 Explorer from my brother-in-law to replace a rapidly aging sedan. At the time of purchase it had 103,000 miles on it and was 6 years old, and in great shape. I loved its boxy shape and the ability to haul an entire dorm room in one trip for College. Among my group of friends it became community transportation and well loved by all. Little did I realize that in 2012 I'd still have it and it would hit 300,000 miles while on a 3,000 mile road trip to Colorado from Texas. My little red wagon is still the beloved 'sploder' and is as reliable as the proverbial sunrise. I swore I'd get rid of it, and even bought other cars, but the Sploder has endeared itself to me and is like an old friend.
Mark K 11/13/2012
My Explorer is a 19994 and it has everything but a sunroof. I keep it fully serviced and it runs like a champ. I just turned 140,00 miles on it. I will own it until I die then my son Marky inherits it. I put about 4,000 miles per year on it. Today was the first time I had even started it in 5 days!