Love Is Not Disposible

After a night of trick or treating my 7 year old daughter Jade and I were headed to Grams for pictures, when we hit a 1000 lb bull moose in our explorer.the sheriff said"usually the moose gets up and runs away...and usually the people don't survive. we looked at the dead moose and what was left of our truck in claimed our truck was a total loss!jade reminded me "that truck saved our lives dad",so we bought it back from the insurance company. 2 doors,a fender,hood&some glass($1000&some love)and 30 days later,we were re-united and on the road again .people in town say" its a miracle".i tell them-"its not a miracle....its a FORD".it has proved itself worthy as a member of our family &jade and i would liKe to thank FORD motor co,AND all the factory workers who had a hand in building it. SINCERELY,ALLAN&JADE GUSTAFSON-somerville,MAINE USA.