Living With Fords

My 1st Ford was a Taurus Station Wagon. I loved this car because it did everything I wanted. I could lay down in the back on camping trips, carry out sized cargo, go fast, go safe and have good fuel mileage. I bought it new and wore it out.

My 2nd Ford was a 1998 Explorer. I decided to name it Meriwether, after the explorer of the Lewis & Clark expedition. It did everything the Taurus Wagon did and could pull heavy trailers (which I did). Even though it was the 2 wheel drive XLT, I used it on jeep tracks at Edwards Air Force base to cross loose sand with great success. It's longest trip was from Los Angeles to Georgia. On the way back it went through hail and snow storms. Meriwether often carried 4x8 plywood sheets, large ladders and other construction material. On camping trips with my son, we would sleep in the back, while the rest of the Scout Troop Pitched tents.

This September, while driving home Meriwether was rear ended on the freeway. The strong structure of the frame made it possible to drive Meriwether away from the accident, but her frame rails were bent, resulting in the Insurance Company "totaling" him.

Now have to choose Meriwether's replacement. The leading candidates are:
-Ford Flex: more like my Taurus Station Wagon
-2011 Ford Explorer (if I can lay down in the back)
-Ford F150 extended Cab with a shell and tail gate step

I have grown to appreciate Ford products and greatly respect how Ford has continued to prosper while her major US competitors have not. Reasons my next car will be a Ford:
-good experience with Corporate support for cars
-expectation that in 10 or more years Ford will still be a strong company
-good cars that meet my requirements and last a long time.

I would like to add that the most beautiful car every made was the Ford GT40, and while I will never own a real one, I have had many models of it, including a slot car version when I was a teenager and slot car parlors were popular.