Lived To Tell The Story

By Abby S.

About two weeks ago I flipped my 1996 Ford Explorer down a hill on my way home from work. At first I wasn't sure what was happening but when I realized that my car was about to flip I closed my eyes and prayed I was going to live. Seconds later I opened my eyes and everything was upside down. I was stuck down a hill, upside down in my very first car. My first thought was, "My parents are going to kill me." My second thought was, "I hope my car is alright." I hung upside down, secured by my seatbelt, for about thirty minutes before the firefighters could get me out. I walked away from a roll over that night with very minor cuts on my hands and two bruises on my thighs. My car however did get fairly banged up from the incident, nothing compared to my sisters Buick when she rolled it only 5 months before. Most of the damage was done when they pulled my car out, only one window was broken from the flip (when it hit a tree) and the car seems to be ok structurally, although we are still looking into it. I loved my car, and I love it even more now that it kept me so safe. When my sister rolled her car my parents bought her a Ford Explorer because they knew that they were safe, I don't think we realized just how safe they are. If my car cannot be fixed, you can bet that we are getting another Explorer. I will never buy anything but a Ford for the rest of my life. My accident was scary , but thanks to Ford, I lived to tell the story.
Abby S 11/19/2012
Thank you! I actually will be buying another one tomorrow that is similar to mine!
Jon L 11/13/2012
I have a 2000 Explorer similar to yours. I know Ford back in the day decided not to give the Explorer a rear suspension so our trucks are quite famous for rollover accidents... I'm sorry to hear of your loss and hopefully you find a new one soon!