By Jeff E.

A couple of weeks ago my wife and her sister where driving north on I75 highway when a tractor trailer entered there lane and forced them into the medium., which lead to them flipping over 4 times across the medium on to on coming traffic on the south bound lanes and ending up in the ditch on the south side of the highway. Both of them where wearing seatbelts and it seems they will both have no lingering effects from this accident in time. I really just wanted to thank Ford for the durability of there Explorer line. That SUV saved there lifes and if you look at it you wouldn't have thought that it rolled across a medium and a 2 lane highway. My wifes sisters Explorer deffinately saved them, which is good to no because we also own a 2004 Explorer and to no that it can take that kind of punishment and hold up is verry comforting for me and my family. Thanks again!!!!