Hanging On For Deer Life.

My name is Michael Kudebeh and I am a 15 year Navy veteran. I was discharged from the Navy in 2007 due to combat injuries and didnt have a trustworthy vehicle at the time. In 2009 I purchased a 2002 Ford Explorer limited Edition 4.6L V8 with about 89,000 miles on it and all the options a vehicle could posess. I was pretty happy with it. In the last 8 months my daughter started driving and she learned in the explorer and did well, So when September 25, 2011 came around and she wanted to go to a school football game with a friend I had no problemletting her go. about 3 hours later I recieved an emergency call that there had been a bad accident and the explorer had rolled. They had lost controll of the vehicle trying not to hit a Deer. I had not tought her that lesson. My wife and arrived on the scene to find that the explorer had rolled once on the road and once down the embankment to land on its wheels. The roof was pretty crushed in but for rolling 2x it had held up really good. All of the side airbags had deployed and that was good. The deputy on scene informed me that both girls had been wearing thier seat belts and that niether one was injured beyond scratches or whiplash. they had been taken to the hospital as state protocall for spinal exray just in case. In 15 years of Naval service I was responsible for alot of young sailors, both men and women and I,ve been called to allot of accidents. Speeding, drinking, anger, sleep depravation, you name it ive seen it and most vehicles that roll the way my explorer did kill the driver and passenger, no questions. I grew up working on the classic vehicles so when it comes to spotting a good car I thought I knew it all. FORD has really opened my eyes. Thier attention to detail in thier structural planning and thoughtfullness saved me from having to do something NO parent should EVER have to do,bury thier own child. Thank you FORD! I Pray That Somehow I Can Allways Own a FORD For The Rest Of My Life.
corey hess 10/12/2011
did it have advanced trac with rsc? i have it in my 2005 ford explorer and it saved me a few times.