Found Myself Off Roading On A Girls Trip

My best friend and I planned a girls trip to meet somewhere between Louisville and Columbus, where we each lived. We booked a 3 story cabin that took in dogs for the weekend and began our trip to meet in the middle for our little mini-reunion. About 10 miles from where the cabin was located I realized the road dissappeared. I woudnt even consider it a road, more a parting of trees. Thank goodness Luckie, my Ford Explorer, knew the way. She took down branches, lopped over uneven banks, and got me safely 10 miles into the woods, where our cabin sat planted on top of a hill. Coudn't have been more proud of my suv, taking the drive like a champ and correcting for the overly girly driver (me) behind the wheel. If anyone had faced me towards that terrain and told me to get in geer, I wouldn't have made it past the 5th mile without breaking down.
Ford Social 08/19/2014
Hi Elizabeth - We are so glad that your Ford Explorer got you to your destination safely. Thank you for sharing your story! - Social.Ford
leona 05/21/2014
Hello,I am wondering if this was a 4x4 Explorer or justthe regular? I just got a new 2013 Explorer andI love it.Thank you!