Ford Tough

On Dec 26th 2010, my 2 boys and I were traveling on a country road. The roads were snow and ice covered. We came to a stop in the road and out off nowhere avehicle lost control at over 55 mph and hit us head on. The impact was so bad that my 8 y/o sons shoes flew off. We all had our seatbelts on. Both airbags deployed. The entire front end of my truck was gone. My boys were hurt, but they are alive. The fireman even stated that with any other vehicle we would have been killed. That Ford explorer saved my boys and my life. I will drive nothing less than another explorer. Thank you Ford for making that truck that strong to withstand that much of a force and keep us alive!
Patricia Techau 01/18/2011
Ok, I just replaced my crushed explorer with a brand new 2010 Ford explorer limited. Very happy!!!