Ford Spirit Got Me Home

On a Wednesday off, I told a coworker that I would drive her from New York to Alintown town PA for her Gandmothers Birthday party, because I had the room for her and 3 more of her cusins, in brooklyn, to go as long as they payed for the gas and tolls. Everything was fine because we filled up in jersey($35), I had my Gps from work and My girl in the passanger seat. But this storm rolled in half way throw PA that made it Impossible to drive late at night. But we pushed on anyway, then the Gps that I use for work stopped working. I asked the ladies if they knew there way from there and they did so we cranked up the music and kept it pushing. when we got there everyone was happy to see them and it seemed like a big family. Everyone was thanking me for bring them home. So I asked them how to get back to New York and they told me how to take the parkway But I've never used it before. I look at my girl and she's confident so I'm good. Jump back in the truck and started off home. I didn't check the gas gauge till we hit the expressway and it was a little less then half. So I set the cruise control and let it ride for 2 hours. seen the sign for new york and check the gas again, it was at the last line. With no G.P.S I took the Parkway because I didn't know how to get to rout 1 - 9 that well yet, late night and got my girl in the passager sleeping. 5 o'clock coming around sun is coming up and im hearing the low gas bells I haven't seen city lights in so long I started to get nervis. So I seen the sign for police station ahead and pulled in. Come to find out i was 300 miles away from Albany NY I took the parkway the wrong way. With no money till Friday and no gas. So I asked them to point me in the right direction and got on my way. I set the cruise crontrol to 1500rpm because it would stretch the gas but I was only going 45mph. Sleeping beauty wakes up and askes where we at. I told her we are getting closer... 4 hours later we are outside of sleep hollow NJ turnpike, 2 hour into the redline, we reach manhatton and just before the engine cut off we reached home. I turned the key in the driveway to go to the gas station 2 days later when my check cleared and it got to blocks down and died on the road with enough momentem to coast into the gas station where i pushed it on the pump.