Ford Saves Boys Life

I had owned my ford explorer for twelve years my son excidedly got his drivers licens three weeks ago and has always loved my truck its the truck he grew up watching mom drive he got a job with the union as a glazer with my husband i let him start driving my baby  as hard as it was i knew it was the easy thing to do on 8/30/13 i got that dreded call we all hate it was my son telling me he had wrecked my truck and been electrcuted and begging me to call 911 for help he had lost control of my truck on a dirt road and hit a electric pole cuttin it in half with my truck on the drivers side luckly escaping death in that truck he walked away getting dizzy he then grabbed a 75 thousand volt power line also survivng that thank god for that truck being built so strong paramedics say that alone should have takin his life loved that truck thank you ford