Ford Explorer - My Favorite Ride For Almost 20 Years!

My Ford story started with my first Ford Explorer, bought pre-owned in 1993. It was a 1991 Eddie Bauer in twilight blue and tan. It was the first vehicle I bought with my own money and paid for without any help from the folks. I loved that truck and the longer I owned it and drove it the more I loved it. Snowstorm? No problem, 4x4 and I went wherever I pleased. Maintenance? Nothing more than routine with new tires and brakes once in all the miles. I even used it to tow a horse trailer. Nothing works like a Ford truck. Nine years later I sold that Explorer, still going strong for around $2K with 123K miles on it and bought my next Explorer, a pre-owned 1996 XLT in black. That SUV took my horse gear, drove me to work and carried my new family of twin boys and all their stuff safely for the next 9 years. Again, with nothing more than routine maintenance and care. Last year I traded in my XLT with over 140k miles on it, for the beautiful, pre-owned red and tan Eddie Bauer 2006 model I have today. With all the choices of SUV's and trucks out there, I always come back to Ford. With a track record like they have with me, my loyalty is assured. Keep makin' 'em like this and you have a guaranteed customer for life. Thanks, Ford!