Flipped My Ford Explorer, Made It Home For Dinner

My name is Mark Kalejs, I am a chemical engineer, and I drive my Ford Explorer 80 miles roundtrip a day – and have done so since I bought it new in 1994. The highway and country roads I travel over can sometimes be perilous, and I have been hit by other drivers four or five times, but my Explorer has gotten me home safely every time.

On one particularly icy winter night, I managed to flip my Explorer into a snow bank. A tow truck driver flipped it back onto its tires, and I simply got in and drove home. I was even on time for my father-in-law’s birthday dinner!

I have driven my Explorer more than 250,000 miles in 15 years: to work, to soccer games, and to Wisconsin (with my wife, kids, dog, and a pontoon boat in tow). And I will keep on driving it until it is irreparable … which should not be for awhile, since only Master Mechanic Reed Gifford from the Oswego, Illinois Riverview Ford dealership has ever worked on it. Reed and Mark have made a deal: Mark will keep driving his Explorer until Reed can’t fix it anymore.
Brett 03/04/2011
My mother bought our 1994 Ford Explorer when it was 3 years old. My mom drove it from 1997 till 2007 when she decided to buy a new car after that it was handed down to my oldest sister which she drove for about two years, than handed down to me which i drove about a year than switched to a vw. The Explorer has been the best vehicle we have ever owned. its been through a lot. we have never had anything wrong with the motor. the only two things that was a problem is the door handle to the drivers door and the transmission had to be replaced twice. my only complaint is that it does not do very well in snow. i have . but the explorer is now garage kept and used as a back up vehicle. The Explorer now has 200,000 miles and is still running great.