Family Affair

We purchased our Ford Explorer in 1992 (shows over 300,000 miles, it's probably more than that now). For over 20 years, this truck has gotten us where we've needed to go and with only normal maintenance. I will say, it could use a new driver door (it has a strange temperament) and new seats (leather takes a beating on a working truck). My entire family has driven our Ford Explorer. I drove it when we first purchased it, then my husband drove it. After that our oldest son drove it during his senior year in high school. It sat for a while, and then our youngest son took it over. Now again, it sits in our driveway, lonely I'm sure, since our boys are grown and pretty much on their own; but when my husband goes to start it (which he does every so often), it starts right up!   Yep, our Ford Explorer is Ford tough!  Thanks!