Drove To The Moon. Now On My Way Back. See You All Soon.

By Gary O.

My wife says that I'm planning on being buried in my truck. That's a tall order, as I'm 49 and not nearly ready to kick the bucket.

It still goes about 1800 miles, after an oil change, before needing a quart of oil. 've always used conventional motor oil in this truck. I used 5W-30 for a long time and switched to 10W-30 in recent years, given the wear on the engine. Typically I change the oil and filter every 4000 to 5000 miles. I've had a K&N air filter since the early days and I clean and re-oil it every 5 or so years.

Oh sure, the truck has dog collars for door handles, but that only adds to its charm. Right? Tough to find O.E.M. door panels for so old of a truck. The aftermarket replacements are just not the same quality.

Last month, my 1994 Explorer Sport passed 250,000 miles. That's like driving to the moon when it's near its farthest point from the Earth. I've started my return trip now. See you all soon.
Cherie 04/19/2014
too funny. my 91's still going strong. might be buried beside ya. ;)-Cherie