Car Buying Satisfaction

My family have been Ford people since the 90s. My children have had 4 and the new Limited my wife just bought is our third explorer.     i'm just writing to tell you that in the 50 yrs that i've been involved in buying cars this was the best experience ever had.  The people at Holman Ford in Maple Shade nj were terrific, especially our salesman Chris Long. My first contact with Chris was via the internet.  When we entered their showroom Chris met us and everything was upfornt from there.  We looked at a couple fords and lincolns but were really interested in the Limited.  When we decided on the car Chris had our 2011 explore appraised.  We then sat in his cubicle and he showed us a print out of what they were offering and the trade-in value of our vehicle.  I can see why they have been in business so long.  No hidden quotes no back and forth with his manager no BS.  We knew where we wanted to be with a price and they came in right there.     We were at a couple other dealers and everything if not for a better choice of words seemed sneaky.  I know they're in business to make money but one particular dealer Chapman was the worst.  Their appraisal of our car came in as a wash for what we owed on the vehicle Holman's was $5000 more than we owed.   I wouldn't buy a bicycle from Chapman.  Maybe they should sit with Holman people and learn the right way to deal with people
Thanks for a great car.  It's everything we wanted and more in a car

Tom and Donna Anderson