Built Ford Tough

By Leo I.

My first Ford product was a 1984 Mercury Grand Marquise bought used with rolled back miles as the speedometer numbers read 48,000 miles with one higher and the other lower across the dial. It lasted me a quarter of a million miles with only one transmission rebuilt, and a water pump.
I bought a used 2000 Ford Explorer with 12,000 miles from a Ford Dealer that lasted me a long time with no problems at all. My company fleets Ford Vans and Explorers, and they are very durable vehicles. I even had one of those vans in a flood caused by Sandy. When the water receded, if you sat in the passenger seat your butt would get wet. It started and ran even though the locks were going up and down on their own. A person living 3 blocks away parked his 1 week old Chevy pickup across the street from me as his area normally floods lightly and my area usually doesn't. It had to be towed as it was claimed a loss. I just leased a 2013 Ford Explorer Sport and I cant believe what Ford has done with this vehicle. Thanks Ford for making me proud to buy American.