Beautiful Tragedy

Shortly after Hurricane Katrina devoured my car, I bought my Explorer. Gorgeous! I took great care of her. On Thursday, April 24, 2008, she returned the favor and then some. Searching for work, I brought her from the Gulf Coast to Miami. The day was much like others, except, another driver jumped in front of me. I lost control of my SUV and before I knew it BAM! Right into the concrete median wall, the windshield was cracking and the airbag deployed, all in slow motion. We flipped a few times; I remember thinking - that’s it! I’ll never see my little girl again. Thinking of death and how life would be for her. The worst was over, so I thought. The car began to spin around for- what seemed- an eternity. I held on to the steering wheel so tight, praying that no other cars would get hit and that no one else would hit us. Finally, it was over. We were upside down, facing traffic, and all the way across the highway. “Can you hear me?” called out a voice. “Yes! Please help me! I’m 17 weeks pregnant, call 911!” I yelled. I scooted out of the window and onto the road. I could still taste the pavement. I stood up, gathered a few belongings, and walked to the Fire Rescue truck. A few days later, a few bruises surfaced. I was sore all around. Oh, and my ankle was sprained. The Explorer that saved our lives rests quietly in a junkyard, her name is Beautiful Tragedy. The people that put that truck together have no idea that that one would save two lives. My son will be 3 years old this October. So, Thank You! As soon as I graduate college, I plan on purchasing another one.