Baby Madalyn

Just when I thought life couldn't get any more exciting, my husband and I delivered our baby girl in the front seat of our Ford Explorer! This is our Ford story. It was 2:20 am when my husband, 4 year old daughter, and I hurried into our truck to make it to the hospital. We were paniced and worried driving through a vacant intersection. Suddenly, my water broke and our daughter decided to make her grand entrance in the front seat of our Explorer. The delivery was only half over when my husband sped through the barren parking lot looking for the ER. As our fear was setting in we realized she was not crying, my husband immediatley stopped the car ran to the passenger side and went into action delivering our daughter right there in the hospital parking lot in the front seat of our Ford Explorer! As he placed her on my chest my 4 year popped her head over the seat and said, "aww she's so pretty mommy!" After my husband knew baby and I were safe, he quickly made his way back to our truck to assess the situation. He tried his best, but with no success determined the seat was fubar. Lol! We could use your help... Ford Corporation.
Michele 02/12/2014
That is an amazing story. My husband and I have friends that almost the same thing happened about 10 years ago. They contacted the dealer and they detailed thier vehicle and they made it into a commercial. Hope all is well with you and your family. Good luck in life and hope they help you out somehow with that seat. Call Ford, they are really good about taking care of thier customers. Never know...