Auto Shows

I live in Cleveland Ohio area. My older brother,a former foundry worker at ford and myself went to the Detroit auto show. My back was out so I couldn't really sit in any cars. Then came the Cleveland auto show,and we went to that. I had ordered a jeep prior to all this,and put money down on this jeep. We go to the show I sat in an explorer,nice big SUV,( I'm a tall as well as big person.) Never closed the door. Walked the show,and I sat in alot of SUVs. We were about to walk out of the show,and my brother said,"let's go thru ford again." I sat in the Explorer again this time closing the door.I was sold! Went to a ford dealership that was open on Sunday,and bought an Explorer. Best purchase I've ever made. Well worth losing the down payment on the jeep.