And We Drove It Home.....

My parents came to pick me up from work in our seven month old Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer Edition. On our way home we stopped to refuel, after refueling, we made our way towards the highway through a major intersection, it all happened so fast, and was so loud! A teenager who had just passed a police speed trap, smashed into our car at close to forty miles an hour, pushing us out of the way and proceeding to hit another car. After our car came to rest I immediately jumped out of the backseat to check on my parents, they were both okay, we all got out, and where shocked we were still alive. Civilians from the surrounding blocks came running because the bang was so loud. After all the necessary information was taken care of my father hoped right back into the driver's seat of our severely damaged Explorer, and drove it the 5 miles home. Thanks Ford for saving my family's lives! The police officer told us if we weren't driving something big and sturdy like our Explorer, who knows what the outcome would have been! We have always been a Ford family, and hope to always remain one! Thanks again for your well built vehicles!
Sam G. 04/02/2010
If you look at the top right corner of this picture, you can sort of see a Explorer Limited.
Stephanie 02/20/2010
Yikes...glad to hear that everyone was not injured in what could have been a lot worse. My husband rolled his 99 Explorer EB a month before our wedding and came out of that with some bumps on the head. He now drives an '02 Explorer and I drive a 2007 EEB. There's nothing else we would rather drive but Fords.
Austin 01/12/2010
I was driving my 1999 ford explorer xlt home on a snowy night. i was about 5 minutes from my house when I hit a patch of black ice, I hit a ditch, over corrected and hit snow banks on the oposite side of the road. I was shaken up, but backed out and continued home! I may be in love with Explorers.
Chris 12/11/2009
I was driving my 2004 Ford Escape Ltd. slowing to a traffic traffic light when the person behind me had a seizure behind the wheel. He hit me doing over 60MPH and had enough force to send me into the rear axle of another car dislodging that cars axle. This car went through hell and it looked it. But I walked away from it. I believe Ford's are some of the safest vehicles out there and thats why i continue to purchase them, i now have an 02 and an 07 explorer, the 02 has more than 102,000 miles and it's still going strong. These are some of the best vehicles i've ever driven. Built Ford Tough ain't just a slogan, it's reality.
Brianna Updike 12/07/2009
Fords are very tough. I rolled my 1991 Ford Ranger. I drove it on to the trailer when my parents came to get it.