A Family Of Ford

The Spears family has two great traditions that prove we love this country: career military men and ownership of our Ford vehicles. It started with my grandfather's 1956 Ford pickup. I can't tell you the model but it was blue with a white roof and my grandfather taught his kids and grandkids how to drive a stick shift with it.
Today, you'll find my 86 year old grandmother with one vehicle in her driveway. Her F150. Maroon because of her love for Texas A&M football. Why does an 86 year old woman need an F150? So she can load her riding lawn mower in, of course. She hauls it back and forth to the family farm (established 1918) because as much as she loves football, she loves her St. Augustine grass.

Here is a list of our current ford cars and trucks:
my brother, active duty military left his F150 in care of his wife while he went to Afghanistan for a year.
my father, retired Air Force pilot has his Ranger to drive back and forth to the family farm
my mother and I have matching Ford Explorers - completely by accident we bought them a week apart and they're identical except she's got a sun roof.
Her Explorer is sitting next to her husband's red convertible Mustang, similar to his both his son's and daughter's Mustangs.

Unfortunately my husband gave up his Mustang when we got engaged. We needed a bigger vehicle to haul around our new hound dog puppy. Eight years later, he's looking again and I'm beginning to think is making up reasons to take the Explorer in for repairs so he can drool in the dealership lot.

all in all, we're a proud American family. Proud of our military. Proud of our American cars.
Thank you, Ford for your years for being part of our family. We are proud to be part of yours.

Jennifer Sawyer
Frisco, TX