900,000+ Miles And Still Going Ford Tough

This is my baby we my mom gave me this truck for a graduation present and it had 600,000 miles back in 2009 and after some party and beach trip it has more miles than any other car we have ever had. Could use some engine work ofcourse but never had any major problems. Built FORD TOUGH is not just a saying its a way of life.

20 inch rims was also a present they look nice along with kicker 12s, 4 tweeters and all door speakers, they cant touch me, hear and see me coming.
Edgar 11/19/2012
my '94 sport also has 900,000+ miles, going for a milli
Dana H 05/27/2012
Great product and Tough Vehicle......My 2002 Ford Escape is a blessing. Over 200,000 miles and still going.
Timothy 04/20/2012
Im trying to reach those mileage also. Man you drove more mile In three years than explorer done in its life time.
Roselle W 03/14/2012
OMG!! I actually gonna appreciate my Explorer much more now!!
Keith C 03/14/2012
Sweet...congrats on being almost million-mile "Ford Tough"!