(6) Months, (4) Fords, (4) Happy Families

Our family has bought (4) Fords in the last 6 months and the best advertising was a simple test drive! The new Explorer sells itself. My brother(family of four), who lives in Livonia, MI, bought the 2013 Explorer Limited with all of the bells and whistles. Not his first Explorer and probably not his last, he loved all of the new technology that has gone into the 2013 model. My parents (just the two of them)returned to Michigan for the summer in May and just a few short weeks after taking a drive and checking out all the new features in my brothers SUV, they were at the dealership to find their own 2013 Explorer. My husband and I visited the family over the July 4th holiday and we drove my parents new Explorer for those 10 days. The navigation was great for my hubby as he learned the back roads of southern MI. It fit all of us as we drove from Ann Arbor to Livonia and the ride was so smooth over the rough M14. A few weeks back in Arizona and my hubby was showing me in stock models of the 2013 Explorer. We took the keys the second week of Aug and the kids love our new silver bullet! The touch screen and steering wheel buttons are easy to understand and I love all of the safty features for my three little kiddos! My hubby's sister (family of 6 depending on who's at home that week) was totally jealous as she has been wanting the Escape for while now and just never made it happen. We took her for a drive in ours, showed her all the cool new features and hooked her up with our sales person. You know what happened next, 2013 Escape drove off the lot. 6 months, 4 cars and 4 very happy families. I'm certain once someone takes one of these Explorers for a spin they will be hooked:Technology upgrades, Safty features, Smooth ride, roomy for all sizes of families and oh so pretty!Keep up the good work!